This Thing Called Karma


Life is one big karmic journey


I don’t espouse any religion but the long years of living in the world and in my inner world has made me very self aware.  More than anyone could have ever guessed and expected; I am deeply aware of the kind of soul I have become.  I am deeply aware of my mistakes, the wrong turns I have taken but more importantly, of my strengths.  I know that the life I am living now is my own karma.  Karma for all those mistakes, hurt and anxiety I have inflicted not only on myself but on everybody circling or along my karmic path.


Life is one big karmic journey and each gets his or her own karma at any given point in his or her karmic path.  It’s a bit too late for me to realize this but there’s karma.  You’ll indeed get what you sow and everything boomerangs.  You may be your grandmother’s karma on your father.  The hurt your father  inflicted on your grandmother a long time ago is now taking it’s boomerang show on you. Or the goodness your mother did eons back is coming back to her in your form or in your good sisters’ form.

Or something like that

Everything connects or is connected to our astral centers and everything is bound to come back to us.  Given this realization, I have slowly learned to be patient with everything and everyone. An arrow, a dart, a stone of meanness or evilness or injustice does not perturb me anymore like it used to.  And every day now, the challenge I try to take is to not throw any dart or arrow to anyone if I can help it.   The arrows can come from anyone, but let them not come from me.  In any case, I can ignore them. I know they can touch but just the skin and I can always grow more and more skin to protect myself. 


For as long as I keep my self-awareness and have a firm grasp of who I am, those arrows can indeed only make me stronger; they can’t kill me. I’ll keep to my own business, and my own business is to improve myself, to make myself a better sister, a better friend, a better roommate, a better co-worker or a better stranger.

Try to sow good karma


I hope to score more karma points, too. If not in this lifetime or in my lifetime, if not in my life or in family’s life now, I hope it will be in the form of my nieces and nephews’ better lives.

September 8, 2017
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