Why You’d Rather be a Teacher Now Than be Anything Else

 Why Taking a Course in Education is a Good Decision

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How it was for teachers back then


Back in the early 90’s, when I was just about to enter university, I thought being a teacher was indeed the most thankless job there ever was on earth.  I particularly hated the idea of carrying rolls of manila paper or cartolina and writing endless lesson plans using three colors of pens.  I also didn’t like it that I might be forced to draw or make artsy stuff.  I always don’t have a hand for such things.  And most especially because I knew what kind of living most teachers in my country then had, I just could not understand that time how people could choose such a career.


Although I knew a thing or two about “vocation” and how it could make people make saintly sacrifices, I had always believed that the kind of sacrifices the teachers in the past had to make was just too much.  Their pay was terribly low and the conditions in the schools left so much to be desired.  Sometimes I would even unconsciously snort at those who still took the course despite the seeming unpleasantness of the job that was waiting for them.


An elder sister took the course and true enough, I always saw her rushing with her cartolinas and manila papers.  “Visual aids” they were for, my sister would say.  When she was already teaching in our university, her tasks tripled needless to say.  For a long time, Education and teaching had all that sort of impressions on me.


How it is now


But well, somehow I got initiated into “teaching,” which is tutoring actually and I have learned to love it.   While the other jobs must also be fulfilling to other people, I think teaching has that bit of extra fulfillment for you.   Not only are you able to earn a decent enough living now by teaching (the salary, thank God, has gone up to a very desirable level now), you are also able to help other people improve their lives in a way or make a bit of a difference.  And whether you like it or not, you will have to study too while you are teaching or even way before you go to your class, a thing which makes you even smarter as a result.


In short, teaching hits the mark on almost all counts now.


No more struggling days for teachers


Another good piece of news is with the recent implementation of MTB-MLE (Mother-tongue Based Multi-lingual Education), the K-12, and the alternative education program, the demand for teachers in our public schools has also risen.  This is apart from the demand from overseas which include countries like the USA.  Evidently gone now are the “starving days” of the teachers.  Teaching is now a lucrative job, or to not sound too greedy, a justly compensated job, financially rewarding enough.  A secure future.


What do you say, girls?


September 27, 2017
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