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English Communication Skills 101 : Podcasts

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Don’t get me wrong here. I’m every inch a Filipino. My mother tongue is Cebuano. When I go north, I speak Filipino, my country’s national language. However, if you ask me what language I prefer to use more often, I would say, English without batting an eyelash.


English has opened doors for me.  If I had not been able to speak and write in English, I would probably still be toiling somewhere earning minimum wage.
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October 19, 2017

English Communication Skills 101: The Thesaurus

A fact.


For starters, even the smartest guy in the world doesn’t have all the millions of words in the dictionary at his swift disposal. The academic and the well-read can have only upwards of 60,000-80,000 words in his vocabulary bank. Most function with just a few thousands. 


Where does this leave us?  Rather, what does this mean to us, regular, average-minded folks?


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September 26, 2017