Quotes, Still the Best Way to Stay Motivated

Run Low on Motivation? Keep Calm and Hit your Cache of Quotes


Quotes-Still the Best Way to Stay Motivated


Curiously, I am able to keep myself motivated because of some innate fear of failure and that ever present money issue in my life. Having worked overseas for some years, I have developed the habit of comparing earnings, prices and my general finances. Money has a lot more value to me now. Whereas before it felt very easy for me to ask money from my sisters, and maybe I didn’t feel very guilty when I spent some of their money in Jollibee, now, asking money seems the lowest of the low things that I have to do.


Earning money is not easy. Money does not grow on trees, as they say. So, that motivates me – not wasting money, especially other people’s money and making sure that I have enough money of my own. And just like any other mortals, I have visions of myself becoming relatively successful too and living a stable life, and they’ve buoyed me along for far too long now.



But they do come and go, and they do almost in complete accord with the tides. What to do in times like these?


Believe it or not, inspirational quotations and slogans still work wonders. Nike’s Just do it slogan has become a principle I live by now. Johnnie Walker’s slogan from many years back has also left a lasting imprint on my mind. It said:


“Whatever it is, just keep walking bro.


Or something to that effect. 


Then of course, there’s Desiderataand many others that are just as grounding, uplifting, and self-affirming.

September 23, 2017
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