On Social Media: The Upsides and the Downsides

Here’s some thoughts on Social Media


social media




Nowadays, for a business to thrive, it is a must for it to have a social media presence. A mere website may not cut it anymore.  It’s the age of social media on the go now. The takeaway here for the businesses is social media has more or less given them a captive audience: the young demographic ALL OVER the world, the biggest consumers of products, services, and information (considered the new global currency).  Geographical barriers don’t really have much of an import anymore. From almost all perspectives, this  is absolutely an upside.


Another upside


Another upside is feedback generation. Feedback is a great tool for decision-making. With social media, along with this IoT revolution, the process of giving and getting feedback is amazingly more interactive and real time. 


The downside


The downside is businesses now are rendered more vulnerable to crippling backlash and even to malicious attacks.  Social media has made it so much easier for people to take down anyone, rightfully or not.  Businesses are faced with the challenge of continuously raising the bar in all areas of their operations to ensure their customers are always happy.  While it’s good for them to be always on their toes, the challenges are daunting needless to say. 


Social media can make or break a business.  Really fast


Just like it can any individual’s life.




We’re all in this. There’s no helping it.  I guess, it can make a bit of a difference if we try to be more considerate with our comments online. One disparaging comment can mean an unwarranted life sentence to people. 

September 17, 2017
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