Time Well Wasted: A Slow and Solo Weekend At Home

Question: Go out with friends this weekend? 

Me: Well, I have another idea.


slow and solo weekend


When your weekdays are all work, responsibilities, and obligations, being very lazy with your downtime on weekends is never a waste of time.  Well, it is but it is time well wasted.  Forgetting all for an immersion in books, movies, and music may be a total waste of time but they should top your list of absolute must-do’s. 


You can even forget shopping or hitting the clubs with your so-called friends.  Have absolute alone time with yourself!  



Not your jam? You’ll definitely change your mind after giving it a try.


Personally, this is a preference that I will never change or make people talk me out of.  After all, when else can we have time to really think and pay heed to whatever “voices” we have inside us? When else can we do what we really want to do? All the other people and their idea of pakikisama and relaxation be damned – we need to be happy too and be totally relaxed.  


Isn’t it rather too deep? Maybe so, but it is definitely good for you.


As for me, I am always at my happiest and most relaxed when I have my own personal time with myself reading, watching movies, and listening to songs that I really like.  And if I feel like it, I may exercise or dance.  I might even suddenly decide to make my own mud pack and the like. In short, just laze around the house. All by my lonesome.


And then  – and the most important thing – I get to start the new week fully revitalized. Nothing tops that, right?

September 27, 2017
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