Are you Ready to be Served by Robots?



In high-tech Japan, robots aren't really a new thing anymore. They have cleaning robots, that's for one. Some even have talking robots. But robots in restaurants and hotels? Hmm... maybe a good idea.


The hospitality industry as a whole actually survives by smiling while toiling. Long hours, shifting schedules, demanding customers, back-breaking work, low pay - those people indeed deserve a little bit more tip.


Some hotels in Japan have actually started using robots to attend to guests. Wow, how much the world has changed!


This is a Japanese student's thoughts on the topic and also on what restaurants will be like in the future. We were actually talking about restaurants and eating habits and how they've evolved over the years and all.


"I think the ordering system will change. Diners will just have to take their seats, check the menu on electronic devices placed on tables, and wait for their orders to be served. By robots.  There will be very few or no human staff at all in restaurants. In their place will be robots. 


Our country is facing the twin issues of an aging population and a low birth rate. We lack manpower. Some hotels are using robots now. In the future, all hotels and restaurants will."


Is that supposed to be a good thing?


"Yes. Those are labor-intensive jobs. And just wanna share with you a curious thing I've observed: Most of the tourists that these hotels and restaurants serve usually don't care that much about quality or as many think, warm hospitality.


Quite the opposite, most travelers love to travel cheap and un-distracted, I should say by unnecessary human interactions. They care so much more about the adventure that awaits them outside. They mostly need the hotels to sleep in and that's it."


So, what are you trying to say?


 "The robots can excel in such jobs, stress-free. The humans are better off somewhere else."

September 20, 2017
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