A College Degree is Worth Pursuing – 4 Reasons Why

 Despite already rolling in good dough,you still might want to reconsider your position on getting a college degree


First, some staggering statistics


According to the data released by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in 2011, the dropout rate among college students reached 83.7 %.  The report also indicates that our country, the Philippines, is producing a meager number of graduates, totaling only 500,000 a year which is undoubtedly a sharp contrast to the number of students who opt to drop out of the colleges and universities in our country every year.  CHED pegged the annual dropout figures at 2.13 million.


What’s causing the high dropout rate?


While the high cost of education is a major reason, it is also not a fabrication to say that the presence of companies who accept high school graduates and college dropouts is a big contributing factor.  In the BPO industry alone, many of their employees don’t have college degrees.

According to one Labor Force Survey (LFS), more than half of the new entrants to the labor force are high school graduates and college undergraduates who are mostly absorbed in the manufacturing and services sectors including the BPO industry.


Instead of prevailing over economic difficulties and pursue higher education, many choose to stop studying altogether and work.  And especially since the lure of earning their own money (and considerably good enough money in the case of BPO workers) is very strong, these dropouts tend to also forget altogether the importance of having a college degree.  They are earning and having the grandest time of their lives, what’s the point in going back to the school grind?

We can give ourselves a lot more employment options


Although the BPO’s and the other industries are predicted to remain strong, they are not all that we can do in terms of employment; and, they may not actually be the kind of industries that can give us a very secure future.  We may be living the high life now with the pay we are getting from these companies, but when we think of ourselves getting to that old age which starts at 35, we may see the picture quite grim.  As we grow older, our employment options become more limited.  And if we don’t have a degree, the odds are so much lower.


Unless we want to stay in a cubicle with a headset on our heads forever or pack meat in an assembly line until our old age – unless that is all that we aspire to do for the rest of our lives, getting a college degree may be forthcoming.


We are assured of employability even in our later years


You may not feel the pressure now, but you definitely will when you are 35 years old.  You never know what you may want to do in the future. You may want to try working abroad.  You may want to work in a proper office. You may want to go for higher work positions or for more secure jobs.  Chances are you won’t be able to do so if you are already quite old and have no college degree.

We increase our chances for promotion


Many employers whether here and abroad still prefer someone who has a degree to fill a high position or even those entry-level ones in their company.  If you check the wanted ads from abroad, you will notice that one of the minimum qualifications asked is a bachelor’s degree.  And with workers from other parts of the world getting increasingly more highly-skilled and well-educated, the competition is getting stiffer.  A lucrative five-year work experience in a BPO may be graded a bit less or even put to question when employers see that you only have two years of college.  They may think twice about giving you the job of supervising a team or handling a key account just because of your educational attainment.  At the very least, you may be asked a lot more questions.


What a college degree still is to employers


Many employers, especially those abroad put a high premium on educational attainment.  Many believe that those who have higher education have higher points than those who don’t.  They believe that having a college degree is very much telling of your character in a way or of your self-discipline at least.  They consider college graduates as better-equipped, better-trained, and more persevering.  They also generally see those degree-holders as having the stronger drive or self-initiative to learn or gain knowledge, and so are the more employable ones.

September 22, 2017
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