Music For Life – Reasons Behind My Own Categories

Want to feel upbeat, inspired, peaceful or centered? Try music.


We need not dwell on the causes or the triggers, but our feelings can sometimes indeed run the whole gamut of human emotions and our thoughts can be such devils.  There just are days when we feel so run down that we find even the smallest of tasks too arduous to take.  At times we feel so uninspired that we even lose the energy to take care of the most basic personal hygiene.  Then our sleep debts pile up by the day, we can see total void looming in our horizons.  We find ourselves clutching at straws. We lose our sense of equilibrium.  There’s vehement unrest within us. We get chafed easily.  Our thinking becomes dislocated.  We look as distraught as we feel and think.


Feel better totally guilt free


Emotions and thoughts are like “tempests to ride.”  And ride successfully we are supposed to do with them, not only for our own sake but also for the people around us who may worry so much about our well-being.  While there are many ways by which we can “feel better” and get some semblance of normalcy in our lives (shopping definitely being one, not to mention pigging out on our favorite food), I find music the most effective and cheap.


Also, music’s effect tends to be more immediate, and unlike shopping and eating, it does not leave any bitter aftertaste.  I used to just read my head tired as a way of dismissing whatever chaos there was from without and within me or write until I felt relieved.  Although doing both definitely helped me “feel better” and get some needed sleep, they were actually rather slow, much slower than music.


Music for all moods and weathers


Nowadays, while I still read and write, I find myself listening to music more and more.  Whenever I feel that ominous feelings are starting to alight on me, I listen to music.  When I think I am feeling particularly slighted and vengeful, I listen to some sobering spiritual music.  The moment I wake up, I listen to my favorite upbeat songs.  If you check my playlists, you will also see a file there named “Sleep,” which includes ambient and other calming music.  Some of my most-played files you’ll find out is “Dance.”



What I’m trying to do is categorize songs according to the purpose they might serve me. Then I have them handy whenever I feel assaulted by those “heavy and crippling” emotions and thoughts.


What do you say, everyone? Do you feel  the same way about music?


September 24, 2017
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