Kitchen: The Best Place to Get Moving – and Thinking!

Bored? Let’s hit the kitchen!


a kitchen


I’m sure your kitchen could use some rearranging or even a thorough cleaning. Why don’t we do it ourselves? And while we’re at it, why not make it a sort of taking stock of what it has, needs, or even means to us – a more  in-depth audit of that part of the house.


Whoa, did I really say “in-depth”? Whatever could that mean? We’ll see. So why don’t we just get on with it and see how it goes?


Okay, so my kitchen…



  • stocks to last one whole month


  • not so much rearranging but a thorough cleaning (won’t take the whole day, though; just about enough physical exertion)

Means: (okay sit down now and think a little bit)

  • coffee and some burst of creative genius (it may be just my own thing, but my brain always seems to spark up with coffee)
  • better food for next time (the first attempts at trying new recipes are almost always 50% perfect 50% so-so, but as with most everything else, the odds do get higher with practice)
  • some sunlight (my cave, which is my room is kind of dark while my kitchen faces the east)
  • laughs and conversations (with visiting family members, but mostly only with my very own self as I’m living solo, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with that!)
  • eyes off my laptop
  • some joy and peace (connected to the last two items above)
  • some thinking time (connected to the last three items above)
  • overall feeling of gratitude (all on account of my modest kitchen)


I never thought I would write about my humble kitchen this way. But you bet, I had some fun.


How about you? What does your kitchen mean to you? You may have your own list. Feel free to share them with me!

September 9, 2017
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