Job Interview: Be the Man For the Job You’re Applying For

But first of all, how’s your Job Interview IQ?


job interview


As some of my online students are on the job hunt right now, I’ve mined the vast resources online, along with some personal experiences of mine, for the best tips to acing job interviews.


In a nutshell, job interviews are about “words” –  the right ones!


How do you get the vocabulary needed to clinch the job offer?  Not as tough as you may think. Please read on.

Research the company


Most, if not all, companies have an online presence now. They have websites. Here’s the thing: you need to speak on the same level as the companies you’re eyeing a position in, and studying the words they use when speaking about their company on their websites is a good start. Check what they really do, their vision-mission statement, their work culture, etc. Note down things that you could leverage in your favor. Speak the language of the company.


Research the industry


It’s also a good idea to know the trends or issues affecting the industry the company belongs to. Then prepare to wow the job interviewer with some sound propositions and realistic career goals and expectations. Speak the language of the industry.


Research the competition


When you know the status quo, you can make fair comparisons and great value judgments. You will then know the company’s strong and weak points. This knowledge will definitely make you more confident in fielding interview questions.  Speak like you mean business.

Research the job description


This is common sense, you can say that. But just in case, here’s the trick: Zero in on the relevant items and work them into your responses so that your qualifications get highlighted. The job description requires great communication skills. That is, in fact, one of the things from my experience in Company A that I take pride in.” Match your qualifications with the job requirements and Sell Yourself Better.


Research better and/or positive phrasing


Given that you’ve already taken care of the non-verbal department (posture, eye contact, grooming, etc.), you’ll stand to become a stronger candidate with positive phrasing. This is not to say that you blabber insincere or totally deceptive things. As they say, there is a way to be truthful without being hurtful. We’ve got to admit it. Not everyone has had graceful exits, praiseworthy bosses, and a smooth-sailing relationship with colleagues. When push comes to shove; rather, when interviewers kind of insist on an answer to difficult questions, you’ll come out the winner by employing the art of staying honest without harming anyone, most especially yourself. Negativity is a bummer.


Below are a couple of the resources I’ve stumbled upon online which you should bookmark for your own interviewing needs:

September 19, 2017
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