If anything, aren’t horoscopes fun to read, too?

That I as well believe in all that stuff?





No, not at all.  But there is something about how horoscopes are written that is so fascinating. By the way, I used to check the horoscopes by Yahoo for as long as they lasted. As with the cartoons on Yahoo, the horoscopes page was scrapped. So now, my go-to site is Elle Magazine’s


They are just some sentences.


Yes, they are, but they deliver such a punch which could sometimes make you think, “Oh, isn’t this just so true about me and my situation?”  Then of course, you wake up and shrug it all off.  However, if you are a language learner or an aspiring writer like me, you will most probably be drawn back to it by its colorful language.  Most of them are packed with very witty and freshly-churned out expressions. They interest me so much that I always copy two expressions or so in my spiral notebook for future use.  Just like any language learner, I collect words and phrases too. 


Nice words, beautiful, just beautiful phrases. 

September 11, 2017
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