Two Reasons Why Grammar Matters – My Own Take

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First, what is a language for?


Communication. Language gives us the facility to communicate anything to anyone we want to. Gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, and the other forms of non-verbal communication may do the trick.  They can be quite tricky though, to say the least. We all know about giving or receiving mixed signals – a real tricky situation, isn’t it?


Why the need for proper grammar?  


Communication is a miss when people don’t understand what we’re trying to tell them. While a savvy use of vocabularies can get the job done, it’s not guaranteed to work all the time with everyone. Most times, we need to know with 100% certainty the subjects and the objects or exactly when the actions and the states occur, and so on.


Grammar eliminates any possible causes of confusion and allows for clear and effective communication. 


Grammar is a set of complicated, and sometimes, illogical rules. 


Language is dynamic. It is ever evolving, and with it its grammar component. Language is a construct of time and popular usage. The syntax of a people’s language reflects their collective logic. The rules of English Grammar may sound illogical to other groups, but it promotes consistency and optimal communication among all of its users.


Please click here to see the most common grammar mistakes. Make sure you don’t make them! Below are some links for awesome reads on grammar. You might also invest in a good grammar book for your easy reference.




September 26, 2017
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