Good Neighbors, Bad Neighbors? We’ve had them!

Uncomfortable in your own home?


I also subscribe to this philosophy that nobody should feel uncomfortable in his/her very own home. Home is a refuge from the outside world. It is a private space that should not be encroached on. However, we’re not really living in a perfect world.


Nosy, creepy, devilish neighbors?


There are always bound to be some of those. The thing with neighbors is they actually DO affect the peace and order situation in your own home.


Let me  tell you why.


Some of these people simply have a  lot of time in their hands. They may not have jobs or they’re full-time housewives or the husbands are part-time workers, and the like. Even the gainfully employed can join in on the fun.


On the surface, these are very friendly, civic-minded, very concerned citizens. They visit homes or linger at neighborhood stores to catch the latest on anyone they consider interesting enough, which can be YOU. Good luck!


Out of curiosity, they fish for more information and out of their “concern and goodness of heart”, they give their two cents worth.


Oh, but you’re interesting!


Then, they zero in on the “interesting” personality’s family. These people somehow know who the weakest link in the family is.  By that, I mean the one most vulnerable to manipulation and gossip.


Now, which family doesn’t have any issues?


Not my fault, your family’s weak!


Under the guise of friendship and moral support, these people get feeds from the weakest link and on equal turn feed good ideas to him or her, eventually sowing discord in the family or adding to its problems. In some situations, they even willingly take on the responsibility of making decisions for the target family. Too far-fetched? No, it’s been known to happen many times.


There’s nothing wrong with being friendly with neighbors. However, lines should be drawn as to what are purely family matters and off limits to them.


Just doing your own thing.


Same goes for creepy neighbors. You’re just doing your own thing:  Visit the garden, enjoy the sight of the flowers there, pick some fruit. Or, you’re simply hanging your clothes.  Some neighbors though do keep tab of your every move which makes you feel SO creeped out, you want to call the police on them. However, they’re the “good ones”, the “concerned citizens” and there’s no way you could record their creepily prying moves!


What to do?


I’ve found the following great reads on the topic. I think I couldn’t have come up with better ideas than theirs. Please check them out, too.


And just for laughs, I love these from Pinterest.



















April 17, 2018
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