Work Around The Flaws (Incapacities, If You May)

…that are beyond your control and then just keep going!





Whether we like it or not, regardless of our flaws and incapacities, we still have to keep living.  Other people have what we call “disabilities” even. All those physical and mental inadequacies or defects that impair or make things less easy for us to do those tasks which the other people can do with the utmost of ease can get us permanently stumped. But with life, the show must always go on!



We each have our own “defects” and sometimes they can indeed shape the kind of life that we live or the kind of perspectives that we keep.  Nevertheless, with or without them or with or without us to be exact, life keeps on rolling; the universe doesn’t stop even for just a minute to make amends or to rub balm on our souls. 


It would be too much blind optimism if we think it’s going to give it to us, but it would also be too much cynicism to think that we are then forever doomed and hopeless.  “What I at least am always after is a hardheaded realism that does not extinguish hope,” US President Barack Obama once declared in cognizance of the fact that life (and politics) will never be perfect but can be better. 


“Better” is the operative word.  


“Bloom wherever you are planted,” the bible says too. It means that whatever our circumstances, whatever our physical condition or defects, while we have to accept their existence, we can always make things better or we can always “bloom” in our own way, and that’s something to hope for.  It would also help us to be realistic enough to know our place in the world and feel happy with what we have and the other things that we can do.  They are the very same things that can help us “bloom.” 


The universe does not have the obligation to do things for us, we have to do it ourselves for our own sake.

October 1, 2017
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