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Don’t get me wrong here. I’m every inch a Filipino. My mother tongue is Cebuano. When I go north, I speak Filipino, my country’s national language. However, if you ask me what language I prefer to use more often, I would say, English without batting an eyelash.


English has opened doors for me.  If I had not been able to speak and write in English, I would probably still be toiling somewhere earning minimum wage.


My case and those of many other Filipinos who are able to provide for their families by their “English” prove what a big difference having a good level of English makes in people’s lives.


The lucrative income the Filipinos earn from working in the BPO, ESL Teaching, and the content writing industries in the Philippines, considered some of the country’s sunrise industries, further cements the fact that having good English communication skills makes one globally competitive and economically productive.


These are people who earn much bigger paychecks on the strength of their so-called “good English.”


Some people with a rather misplaced sense of nationalism might accuse you of abandoning your native language and things of the sort, but here’s the thing: Wouldn’t you want to earn more and have a better life?


Truth be told, at the moment, there may be no other industries here that can give you that more easily.


In other words, you’ve got to keep your English up to par, which isn’t really too much of a chore these days. Thanks to the internet, enhancing our English is never as more fun now.


Listening to podcasts in English is just some of those enjoyable things that you can do for a damn kick-ass English and a terribly awesome life.


Below are my all-time favorite podcasts.


Center for Creative Leadership


This is the go-to website for all things about leaders and leadership. The idea is leadership is not just for managers and those holding executive roles; it’s for every single individual.


Bon Appetit


The food magazine has podcasts which feature the movers and the rising stars in the food industry. They occasionally also have celebrities grace their shows. If you’re into food, this is the best bet for you. I like this podcast for its very fluid conversations, something that we need to be able to make.


VOA – Voice of America Learning English


The good thing about VOA is it’s created specifically for ESL learners. It offers options for different English levels. They also cover a wide variety of topics, including current events from all across the globe. So, you get better English and develop international-mindedness in the process. What better way to level up your English than that?


BBC Learning English


Since this is under the umbrella of the news giant, BBC News, you are guaranteed topics that are far-reaching in scope. It’s  also set up for the specific aim of promoting English learning worldwide. Definitely a  great resource not only for English learning, but  also for widening your world view.


Player FM


You can’t imagine how grateful I was when I discovered this cloud app. The idea behind the service is to “Discover podcasts the easy way.”  It has indexed almost every great podcast there is.  I totally love it.

October 19, 2017
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