Shopping 101: The Skinny on Customized Rings

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I know that it’s not traditionally that time of the year for weddings yet. Hello, it’s already October, remember? I do remember that. However, where I’m from, and that’s the Philippines, weddings are practically held all year round. Which reminds me of … rings!


Specifically, custom rings. Why?


While there are also many factory-churned out rings that are beautiful, durable, and perfect for your occasion at hand, nothing beats the storied existence of custom rings. Not only are they uniquely-designed pieces, they also are the concrete reminders of your unique life stories. When you personalize your rings, you will then be able to say that you truly own them.

Probably after shopping around for that one piece of ring that could carry the full import of the occasion you are having, you realize that a piece you have found somewhere might be lovely but you stand the chance of seeing it on other people’s fingers, too.  It’s just as if your stories are exactly the same as theirs. Or, you could think that the piece would be prettier with a bit more tinkering. Most of the time though, it just does not fit your budget. Or worst, it just does not have it all together.


All the while, visions of “your ring” flash in your head and you just cannot help but compare them. The bottom line is you want your ring to be special. You want to have a say on its design. You want its cost to be within your budget. And you definitely want it to amply convey what the occasion means to you.


This is when you should decide to have it custom-made.


When you customize, your ring is more special because it is not mass-produced. It is designed to your specifications, a product of both your vision and the artist’s craftmanship. You also get to handpick the materials that you use for the ring. With the ready-made rings, you are technically left with no choice but to wear them despite the possible allergies you get from their materials. On the other hand, when you customize your ring, you know what materials are put into it. If your skin is averse to some metals, you can always choose other metals.


This too has the added advantage of you being able to control the cost of your ring. If diamonds are beyond your means for instance, you can go for other gemstones. And since you know how much the occasion means to you, you wouldn’t really settle for low quality materials, would you? Therefore, when you customize, you also have control of the quality of your ring.

Almost every occasion is a memory-making event. And especially when they are sweet memories, you want them, along with those mementos, to last your lifetime. However, nothing blurs the memory more effectively than when the bearer or the tangible symbol of that memory is physically lost, broken or removed.


Customized rings offer the greater chances of you having something that grows old with you, imbibing more of your life stories along the way. That’s possible because they are as durable as they come. A lot more effort goes into their creation, a lot more thought is expended. You can fine-tune the details as necessary until you are completely happy with the look and the quality of your ring.


When you customize, you become a creator of a unique and long-lasting piece. Your involvement makes the ring more yours ( and this alone can really fill you with a good kind of pride) while not necessarily wrecking your finances. No wonder, more and more people are now scouting the market for those talented custom-jewellery artists and getting, in the process, more informed even on the technicalities of ring creation.


Here are some tips you can use should you decide to give customizing your ring a go.


1. Choose a jewellery designer whose reputation is vouched by satisfied clients.
2. Research on metals and gemstones and the corresponding cuts and designs that are best for them.
3. Don’t be intimidated to ask questions and express your thoughts.
4. Don’t settle until everything fits ABSOLUTELY well – fits your vision, your story, your budget, and your finger.



October 8, 2017
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