All Time Favorite Celebrity Interviews for Great English


Who doesn’t love celebrity interviews? Nobody, I suppose. I think the issue now is  more about the lack of time to actually sit through any interviews. The  usual busy person conundrum.


But here’s what I do:


I  play interviews non-stop in the background while I do what I need to do at home.  Then I mimic anyone in the interviews I feel like mimicking whenever I’m not too much in a rush. I call it my vocalization practice.



What I like  about interviews is the rate of speech you get from those is always natural. Really helpful when you’re not a native English speaker and have got to enhance your overall sound.


But celebrity interviews?


Well, what  else can I say? They’re fun!


Below are the YouTube channels that I subscribe to for my dose of celebrity interviews.


1. 10 Questions | Time


It’s just  10 questions so the interviews average 5 minutes. Not bad for a daily listen-and-mimic exercise.


2. 73 Questions | Vogue


You’ll love this. The interviewer visits the homes of celebrities and throw all those 73 questions at them in a fast-paced yet leisurely way.


3.  The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable


As the title of the interviews suggests, it’s a group discussion. A set of celebrities gathers for a round table. Not your usual flimsy kind of celebrity interviews. The tone is lighthearted but serious at the same time. Interviews last around 1 hour.


4.  Variety Actor on Actor


Variety has interviews with just one celebrity, but I like Actor on Actor better as you get to hear two actors interviewing each other. For English learners like me, that means two different sounds that you get to listen to.  Some interviews are good for 30 minutes. There are also others that last an hour.


5. DP/30 The Oral History of Hollywood


This can last you the whole time you have to prepare your meals in the kitchen. The interviews average 1 hour so, it’s the best bet for more time-consuming house chores.


I’m not sure if you like having some background sound while doing something, too. In case you do, these interviews will definitely not disappoint.






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