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Three Simple Tricks to Make Halloween Work For You

Simple Halloween Tricks


Let’s just take it. We’re busy, but the Halloween is coming and we’ve got to prepare something for it whether we like it or not.


Gripe around or just chill? It’s your call.


As for me, I go with the latter. Although I don’t have children of my own, I’m forever surrounded by them. They’re one demographic I have to prepare for, that’s for sure.



And then, there’s the old group on the other side. For Pinoys, the The Halloween stretches on to November 2nd which is our All Souls Day holiday. November 1st is for all the saints in heaven that we have, which is why it’s called All Saints Day. Just a brief  background: The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country.


On these two days, we prepare traditional Filipino food and visit the grave of our dead relatives and friends. This may not be unique to the Pinoys, but on these days, the old and the old-fashioned place the favorite food of their dead loved ones on altars in their homes and in cemeteries.


In short, Halloween is a mix of the old and the new for us. Both have their own demands. So, it can get hectic.



Here are my own suggestions to make the Halloween more a breeze than a pain, something that is very much possible, actually.


No need to buy pricey, elaborate Halloween costumes for your kids.


Use the clothes that your kids already have. Think of easy to fix characters that are just as fun. As the point of the whole thing is “to spook or amuse people,” be trigger happy with the makeup colors and the mix-and-matching of outfits! I’ve found this website here which is full of genius but doable ideas.  However, if you really are in a pinch and you just need to buy costumes, head straight to cent shops or discount shops. You all know too well that when talking about kids, they not only grow so fast, they also ruin clothes rather fast. The main point: No need to spend a lot on such things.


Kids are suckers for sweets.


At their age, they aren’t really that brand or quality conscious yet. So long as the candies and goodies look good and are actually safe to eat, you don’t need to go for the luxuriously priced ones.


Cater or order in food.


As hard as it is to believe, catering or ordering in food (Especially those that are tiresome to make, think: puto, biko, bibingka, suman, etc.) actually does not only save you much needed time to relax and do more important things (Imagine: you in the living room having fun conversations with the kids and the old family members alike), the prices are not bad at all. There are a lot of catering and food delivery services around which offer real good value for your money.


Go as the Bible says.


As the bible story of Jesus visiting Mary and Martha illustrates, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get too distracted by all the preparations we think are needed for such occasions. We need to know better which is more important, and to me, that is to spend more time with both the young and the old members of your family. There’s nothing like engaging in a conversation with your family with nothing less than your full attention, don’t you agree?




This post contains some affiliate links, but the views expressed are totally my own.


October 28, 2017

English Communication Skills 101 : Podcasts

English Podcasts


Don’t get me wrong here. I’m every inch a Filipino. My mother tongue is Cebuano. When I go north, I speak Filipino, my country’s national language. However, if you ask me what language I prefer to use more often, I would say, English without batting an eyelash.


English has opened doors for me.  If I had not been able to speak and write in English, I would probably still be toiling somewhere earning minimum wage.
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October 19, 2017

Home-based Job 101: Online ESL Teaching

Home-based Online ESL Teaching


Wouldn’t it be grand if you could be your own boss, have total freedom with your time, and then earn a lot? Your English is pretty decent and home-based teaching, along with home-based other things, seems very promising. And, it is, really.


Not to drum up the hype around teaching home-based, it is indeed a viable means of livelihood without you having to contend with the horrible traffic everywhere and you having to get dressed. Can’t go bust with that, right?

Then you see all these ads that scream: Money, honey! Oodles of it! Too good to be true? This is the only thing I can say:  If you’re prepared to put in enough effort, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


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October 17, 2017

What My Sudden Surge and Dip in Income Has Taught Me

no more money



Actually, I was on, let’s just say,  a bitterness diet for so long, I almost thought that that was the “normal” for me. Well, real talk: Who wouldn’t be terribly bitter when you see yourself seized from your rather tolerable poverty to some measure of affluence only to be dropped back to hopeless penury? Freaking tease, you could say. You’re played big time by LIFE, my friend. So, that was shattering, and after being upended that way, it certainly took me quite some time to get my humble bearings back.


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October 10, 2017

Read. Read. Read. Good Books for A Better Life!


There, you have it. Beautifully said. Download the mindset of smart  people through reading their books. They’re just as good mentors.

September 27, 2017

Why You’d Rather be a Teacher Now Than be Anything Else

 Why Taking a Course in Education is a Good Decision

a teacher

How it was for teachers back then


Back in the early 90’s, when I was just about to enter university, I thought being a teacher was indeed the most thankless job there ever was on earth.  I particularly hated the idea of carrying rolls of manila paper or cartolina and writing endless lesson plans using three colors of pens.  I also didn’t like it that I might be forced to draw or make artsy stuff.  I always don’t have a hand for such things.  And most especially because I knew what kind of living most teachers in my country then had, I just could not understand that time how people could choose such a career.

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September 27, 2017