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The Philippines

Let’s Explore: Cash Donations or Goods?

Is donating cash to disaster-stricken places better than giving goods? 


This is a question that international experts have plumbed since the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.  The relief efforts for that disaster had terrible lapses, which, they said, the relief effort teams for the Philippines should be very careful not to repeat.  Along with other sound suggestions, they’ve noted that to optimize relief efforts, we should donate cash instead of goods.


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September 29, 2017

Disappearing Spaces

Terribly missing the trees trees

while vainly trying to summon some cool breeze



All a product of progress 

I have been to spaces so small that I literally gasped for air.  Some were rows and rows of structures with no or very little greenery in sight.  I know that’s just how it is. We want progress, we troop to the cities; we have just bit spaces. We want civilization, so we now have what we have. We can’t complain.  There are always trade-offs. But I really miss the trees and all the greenery. 

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September 8, 2017